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Now the really good stuff. For those of you who contribute to the production fund there are some more cool incentives.
Contributions at all levels get a special THANK YOU in the credits!

Basic Level Contributions:
Now you can name your own level. Just click the button on the left to contribute through PayPal and enter your amount, or enter the amount in the field on the right and click the button to contribute securely through Amazon.

Higher Level Contributions:
(includes getting free stuff)
$50 gets you the exclusive Director's Cut DVD.

For $100 or more you get the Director's Cut DVD and official the 18x20 poster.

For $1,000 you also get the Executive Producer film credit, poster and DVD.

You can't go wrong, and you can help support independent film.

We have reached more than 6.9% of our goal
thanks to our contributors:
Bill Vaughn
Norbert Lamont
Jim DeVault
Bryan G. Crowe
Joseph Pozo

Luc Bernier
Nicole Holt
Brandon J. Semler
Peggy Semler
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